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Lauren Pendall

Lauren's coaching philosophy is simple: 

Lauren believes great swimming can be achieved through fun, consistency and commitment .

Our squad sessions focus on fitness and strength. 

We incorporate a rower machine and dryland exercises into our sessions.

For updates on the SPC club please follow our SPC Facebook page here 

St Peter's Squads

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Training Standards/Behaviour

All St Peter's/SPCA club swimmers are expected to maintain the highest standards of behaviour at training, swim meets and club nights. Our Primary goal is for swimmers to enjoy themselves, to train hard and be respectful to the coach, staff and fellow swimmers.

Swim Meets

Swimmers in the Performance Squad who wish to compete at QLD State Championships with a goal to qualify for Age Nationals should speak with their coach regarding which swim meets they should attend during the season. We recommend that swimmers enter no more than 2 carnivals a month. All swimmers are required to wear a SPCA swim cap when competing at scheduled meets.

Club Nights

Swimmers from all squad levels are encouraged to attend our  club nights and participate at the highest standard.  It is a night where club members and families are encouraged to help with the night, socialise and more importantly have fun.

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