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At St Peter's Aquatic Centre our aim is to create a fun, engaging and comfortable learning environment. 


Our friendly, qualified staff are passionate about teaching children to develop a love for the water along with the necessary skills, confidence and independence to be water safe.


Our program caters for swimmers aged 6months to squad levels.


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Early years swimming program. 6months to 3 years.

A foundations program teaching safety and water basics.

Skill program where we develop strokes and technique. 


In our Infant levels we encourage and educate both child and parent on the basics of water safety, develop confidence and prepare the children to graduate into our Swim Foundations without mum or dad.



This is where we begin to teach the children foundation skills such as developing a strong kick along with freestyle and backstroke.

Swim Foundations


Through our development levels they are enhancing all strokes and are introduced to lap swimming, lane etiquette and an increased distance to improve their endurance.

Skill Development
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